Auto-Delete Your Google Location and Activity History (2023)

Google is aware of and remembers everything you do on your mobile device or computer while using its services. It is eerie how much information Google can gather about you. You may remove the history and other information that the search giant automatically gathers from your device and web browser if you do not want it to use your information. This will prevent the search giant from utilizing your information.

The Google services that you use on your Android phones, such as Chrome, Google Photos, Gmail, YouTube, and other applications, monitor and store a significant amount of information relating to you and your activities. Your location data, the history and activity of online searches, the history of what you view on YouTube, the history of voice searches, payment methods, and passwords are all included in this information.

In the “Data and Personalization” area of Manage Google Activity, you can see and manage the history of your online and app activity, as well as your location history, search history, and the history of videos you’ve watched on YouTube. However, Google also gives users the option to allow or disable location monitoring, in addition to other speech and audio-related activities. Make use of the ‘My Google Activity‘ feature so that you may monitor your actions when using Google Chrome.

How to delete your Google location data easy steps

1. Open your Google account

2. Scroll and tap Data & personalization

3. Under Activity Controls, tap Web & App Activity

4. Select Choose to delete automatically

5. Tap Choose how long to keep Web & App Activity

6. Tap to select either 18 months or 3 months, and save

Once again, the data is being utilized for your activities when you need it, but after that, Google will entirely erase the cache from their servers. Do you want to modify it in the future? You may simply reverse the modifications you have now applied by going back through these steps.

Are you interested in reviewing your history or making any modifications over the web? Not an issue. You may make changes to your Data & Personalization settings by going to the website for your Google Account and looking for a banner that looks like this one on the left side of the page.

After then, the processes are exactly the same as the bullet items that were shown before, beginning with Web and app activity. You will then be able to specify the options for the automatic deletion of your data, just as you can with the app settings.

Because Google stores information about its users, the company is able to make search and advertising suggestions based on a user’s previous activities and preferences. It is therefore up to you to decide whether you want to keep it in order to receive improved recommendations or delete it in order to maintain your privacy.

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